Save on real estate taxes and help us support Ukraine

By participating in our real estate tax savings survey, you can support Ukraine.

We want to support the Ukrainian infrastructure, which has suffered significantly due to Russia’s attacks. In order to do that, we are implementing a campaign: based on the real estate tax decisions we receive during the campaign period, we will purchase and deliver electric cable to Ukraine.

By participating in our real estate tax savings survey by April 30, 2023, you can support Ukraine. 

Join in and support Ukraine by submitting a real estate tax decision!

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What is the campaign about?

We look for overpaid real estate taxes of companies and housing associations. To support Ukraine, we are implementing a campaign, in accordance with our consulting service. Depending on the created contracts, we will purchase, up to €100,000 worth of electric cable from Prysmian, to be delivered to Ukraine. Prysmian will not make a profit from the sale.

Send the real estate tax decision to us and we will check it. If you have paid too much real estate tax, the tax authority will refund you for the overpaid taxes retroactively. We will invoice 50% of the accumulated savings as our fee. Whether we find tax savings or not, we will donate cable to Ukraine depending solely on the amount of real estate tax you pay. 

You can find more detailed campaign conditions here.

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What are the benefits of having your real estate taxes surveyed by a professional?

It's a risk-free service

We invoice our clients for realized savings only. We have made over 1000 projects and found savings for every third. 

Savings are collected in arrears

If you have paid too much in real estate taxes, we apply for a refund for the excess in arrears from the Finnish Tax Authority. 

Easy service

We only need the latest tax decision from the client, and off we go with our real estate tax survey.

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You can also submit the latest real estate tax decision directly to us to get the project started quickly