Forus is planning a solar park in the areas of Röjsjön and Brännankärret in Loviisa

The estimated capacity of the solar power plant is expected to be approximately 120 MW.

The solar power plant supports the climate efforts of the city of Loviisa.

General information

Forus Oy is planning a solar power park in the areas of Röjsjön and Brännankärret in Loviisa. The project area covers 135 hectares for Röjsjön and 52 hectares for Brännankärret. The total area of the solar park is 187 hectares, and the estimated capacity of the solar power plant is approximately 120 MW

The project developer for the initiative is the Finnish company Forus Ltd, with the aim of developing solar power while considering biodiversity and promoting carbon neutrality goals. The project's funding, technical planning, and construction are managed by the Finnish project company of the Danish Better Energy. The company will also remain the owner of the power plant and be responsible for electricity production and sales.

The Loviisa City Council decided on March 15, 2023, to join the Towards Carbon Neutral Municipality (Hinku) network. Therefore, Loviisa commits to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2030 from the levels of 2007. According to the Loviisa City Strategy for 2022–2025, the goal is to become a carbon-neutral city by 2035. Read the full press release here.

As Forus members, it's easy for us to align with the same objectives as the city of Loviisa, and we are very pleased to begin this collaboration.


The areas of Röjsjön and Brännankärret are located in Loviisa, in the Uusimaa region of Finland. 

The project area consists of two separate areas. The larger Röjsjön area covers 135 hectares, while the smaller Brännankärret area covers 52 hectares.


  • In its meeting on May 17, 2023, § 61, the Loviisa City Council approved the initiation of the zoning plan process for Röjsjön and its surrounding areas.
  • Forus Ltd is planning to build a solar power plant in the area
  • A public event was held at Loviisa Town Hall on September 21, 2023, at 5:00 PM (Mannerheiminkatu 4, 07900 Loviisa).

schedule for the project

  • The zoning process has just begun.
  • The construction work of the power plant is anticipated to commence in 2025.

News about project

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In Loviisa, a solar power plant worth tens of millions is being built, which will provide electricity for up to 70,000 apartment units.


190 hektar stort solkraftverk grundas i västra Lovisa – ska producera el för 70 000 tvårummare


The zoning plan process for Röjsjön and its surrounding areas in Loviisa has been initiated

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