Grid solar power

The most sustainable solar power in Finland

Solar power provides green, sustainable energy that reduces carbon dioxide emissions, strengthens biodiversity, and is also cheaper than coal, oil, or gas. It is the world's cheapest source of electricity and the fastest way for Finland to reduce its electricity imports.

At the core of our operations is the development of biodiversity, consideration of the diverse needs of communities and stakeholders, and the advancement of carbon neutrality goals.

We are seeking sites of 50+ hectares within 100 km of the coastline. 

We need considerably more solar energy in Finland

Accelerates transition to clean & green energy

Aurinkovoimalla on keskeinen osa vihreään energiaan siirtymisessä, jotta päästään irti fossiilisista polttoaineista.

Synergies with Finnish wind power

Solar and wind power complement each other perfectly. While it's windier at night and in the winter, the sun shines brightest at daytime and in the summer.

Improved biodiversity at the sites we manage

At sites heavily utilized by man, solar farms can help increase biodiversity and protect or create habitats for vegetation and wildlife, including insects.

"Our cooperation with Forus has been splendid. I value their idealism and their ambition to protect the environment through their work. They are highly proactive, with excellent ability to find and create solutions. I'm confident that our partnership will continue.”

Denis Strandell, Mayor, City of Hanko

Project development

Land acquisition

Forus conducts a feasibility study to determine whether your site is suitable for solar energy. Foresters, peat producers and farmers have ample opportunities for dual use of their land.

Land acquisition agreement

Either Forus buys the land or Better Energy leases it for a period of 40 years. 

Land use planning and permits

For each project, the required changes in land use and the permit process for industrial-scale solar power stations are reviewed with municipal authorities, the ELY Centres, and other authorities. For each project, we conduct an environmental survey along with, at minimum, a screening request for environmental impact assessment, and organize public events in the project areas for local stakeholders and residents to voice their concerns.


Connection to grid

We minimize distances between grid connections by optimizing project locations. We primarily negotiate and coordinate with landowners for the land required for power line routes. We work closely together with electricity network companies and help promote more efficient ways of utilizing grid capacity.

Project planning and construction

While Forus is tasked with conducting the required surveys, applying for permits and connecting the power station to the grid, Better Energy is responsible for engineering design, construction, and maintenance of the power station.


When a power station is hooked up to the grid and generating electricity, Better Energy makes annual inspections and maintenance to ensure optimum efficiency.

Partnership with Better Energy

We are your local partner in implementation of solar power projects, ensuring that potential ownership of land remains in Finland. 

We are partnered with Better Energy, an internationally renowned and experienced company with resources and expertise that ensure maximum value for your project.

Forus develops the projects for construction, Better Energy takes care of financing and construction, and finally the electricity is sold to the grid.

Read more about our partnership with Better Energy.

We are seeking sites suitable for utility-scale solar

Sites near the coastline are best suited for utility-scale solar. In Southern Finland, we are interested in sites within 100 km and in Western Finland and Ostrobothnia within 50 km of the coastline. We are seeking sites of 50+ hectares that might be available for purchase or leasing. If a landowner is interested in selling their land, Forus' subsidiary purchases the land, keeping it under Finnish ownership. If a landowner is interested in leasing out their land, our partner Better Energy leases it. 

Together with Better Energy, we take a long-term approach to ensure that biodiversity and the entire 30+-year lifecycle of solar stations are fully considered. Our goal is to generate affordable solar energy with maximum sustainability and no subsidies, accelerating the green transition. 


Forus and Better Energy aim for 1000 MW of solar energy in Finland

A large solar power park could start up in Lappeenranta in 2026 – the electricity it produces would be enough for 150,000 apartment blocks

A solar power plant is being planned for Miehikkälä - municipal manager: "It will have a significant image benefit"

Better Energy builds 1GW Finnish PV partnership

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