Stopping the climate catastrophe sustainably and profitably

Building a carbon-neutral
future sustainably and profitably

Forusin missio on ilmastonmuutoksen pysäyttäminen kannattavasti skaalaamalla parempia ratkaisuja. Viimeisen kahdeksan vuoden aikana olemme olleet mukana rakentamassa tai kehittämässä yli 100 aurinkovoimalaa Suomessa. 

We are also specialized in property consulting for property owners.

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Grid solar power

The most sustainable solar power in Finland

Real estate tax surveys

Real estate tax surveys with experience

With our unique service models, transition to renewable energy is effortless for our clients. They benefit from new cash-flow neutral renewable energy solutions. We provide profits where no costs exist while reducing the environmental burden – a win for our clients, for us, and for the environment!

Our customers

Our growing clientele includes a range of Finland's largest land and property owners.

We also provide Real estate tax consulting over 2000 buildings and optimized energy renovations for property owners.


Forus and Better Energy aim for 1000 MW of solar energy in Finland

A large solar power park could start up in Lappeenranta in 2026 – the electricity it produces would be enough for 150,000 apartment blocks

A solar power plant is being planned for Miehikkälä - municipal manager: "It will have a significant image benefit"

Better Energy vahvistaa läsnäoloaan Suomen uusiutuvan energian siirtymävaiheessa

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